The Te Araroa Off-Season

Its been a while now since we left off the trail for the 2014-2015 season and we’ve started to get excited about getting back on trail for the 2015-2016 season.

We’ve passed the time travelling about NZ in our caravan hiding from the winter mainly up north. We’ve been hiking, biking, visiting family, hot pooling, eating lush meals, and resting up.

My fiancée Neil has made some cool blog posts on some of the things we’ve been up to – take a look –

Now that its almost spring and about 6weeks till we set off again we have amped up our hiking activity so we don’t have to start off as unfit as last time.

We have been hiking about in the Bay of Island’s, the Coromandel and in the Kaimai’s with some trips planned for the next 6 weeks in the Urewera’s, the Kaimanawa’s, the Kaweka’s, the Ruahines, and the Tararuas as we make our way down to Cape Pallisner – our last stop before setting off.

Along the way I’ll be happily pursuing one of my big passions – visiting our backcountry huts. I have a different blog for this and if you are interested this is the link –

We’ve decided on a strategic start from Palmerston North instead of Waitomo where we left off. This is due to our leisurely pace (we’d like to make it to Bluff this round), our not wanting to be held up by possible late snow in the Tongariro area, and the damage done in the Wanganui area by the floods a few months back. We will come back at a later date to finish the ‘heart of the Te Araroa’.

So stay tuned we’ll be back in Te Araroa business from mid October and can’t wait to share our adventures with you again…

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