Te Araroa – How much will it cost me?

Another largely discussed item that comes up is the cost of the trail. I’ve heard of someone doing it on $1000, and I know you could spend upwards to whatever cost you like. Most people I think tend to get by reasonable comfortably on $1000 per month.

Setting off for round two of Te Araroa from Palmerston North to Bluff I have set about doing the planning pre trail instead of on trail. Our first section, Cape Reinga to Waitomo earlier this year (January – April) we planned as we went and we largely kept no budget. We spent a lot of money up here due to a variety of factors; namely, lack of planning, high season, and no hut accommodation.

For this next stretch I’ve made a budget to set out what we really need to make it happen. If you are interested in a Te Araroa cost then maybe this will help for Palmerston North south. It is a budget for two people.

It more or less amounts to $600 per month for food restocking (pocket any unrequired cash for coke machines, lattes, beer dispensers etc), and $600 per month for other hiking costs such as accommodation, extra food or drinks money, laundry & any transport costs. We also have a small provision for gear replacement if required but have a stash of excess hiking gear to call on (post out) if needed.

If you have any questions fire away πŸ™‚ I hope it is useful …

Food – $20 per day.

Palmerston North – Wellington

River Pa Camping Waikanae – $20

Paekakariki Camping, Laundry – $40

Camp Elsdon (2nights) – $40

Wellington Ferry Sleeper Service – $142

Food for on the ferry – $40

Picton – St Arnaud

Water Taxi to Ship Cove – $100

QC Pass – $36

DOC Camp Fees – $48

Havelock Camping – $30

Pelorous Camping – $30

St Arnaud – Arthurs Pass

New Hut Passes – $244

Kerr Bay Camping/Showers/Laundry – $30

Town Food Allowance – $60

Maruia Hot Springs Accomodation (incl dinner, breakfast, hot pools)- $249

Hanmer Camping, Laundry – $44

Arthurs Pass – Tekapo

Town Food Allowance – $60

Rakaia Gorge Camping (2nights) – $30

Tekapo Camping, Laundry – $40

Tekapo – Wanaka

Town Food Allowance – $60

Lake Ruataniwha Camping – $34

Lake Hawea Camping, Laundry – $44

Albert Town Camping – $14

Wanaka – Queenstown

Arrowtown Camping – $42

Town Food Allowance – $60

Queenstown – Bluff

Glenorchy Shuttle – $70

Te Anau Camping, Laundry (2nights) – $88

Kepler Track Hut & Campsite – $144

Town Food Allowance – $60

Riverton Camping – $30

Invercargill Camping – $33

Bluff Camping (2nights) – $60

Town Food Allowance (celebration drinkies) – $80

2 thoughts on “Te Araroa – How much will it cost me?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I will be thru hiking the trail this season on a tight budget. I hope to avoid paying for accommodation as much as possible. I will be eating as cheaply as possible (2-minute noodles, sugar and sauce sachets scrounged from McDonalds, and possums snared along the way?). Reading your budget I get the impression you are used to the high life. I mean who spends $40 on food over the course of a 3 hour ferry trip?! Ever thought of bringing some sandwich supplies from the supermarket with you on to the boat?
    Jokes aside, thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge of the trail πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Yes we do like to be able to have some luxury’s πŸ™‚ Do remember though – all the figures are for 2people (so $40 of food is $20 each – and yes we plan that should cover a mini feast of supermarket food for the overnight ferry trip) …. we are terrible at snaring possums :/ Theres heaps of options to avoid paying for accommodation. Taking the sleeper service ferry is an option for skipping Wellington accommodation (as a single person you’ll pay an extra $20 for an ensuite cabin), and find out where conservation land is, often its nearby and you are allowed to camp there – this map has a function that lays out conservation land (there are probably some exceptions so use in conjunction with other info) – http://maps.doc.govt.nz/mapviewer/index.html?viewer=docmaps

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