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Quick reference to Te Araroa by sections

I’ve decided to put together a post that will act as a quick grab for information so you can get to the posts most relevant to you faster. This is mainly my journals of the trail at the moment but will be anything posted that is relevant for each section.

It’s all a bit of a work in progress (such is the life of a blog). Some sections I have yet to write up my journals for, others I have yet to walk. As mentioned elsewhere in this blog I’ve walked about 2/3 of the trail to date and am super excited to get back on it any chance I get. At this stage the next opportunity for me will be December 2016 and while my partner and I are humming and ha-ing over exactly which section we will jump onto, we are entertaining the idea of going to Bluff and doing some NOBO for a few weeks or jumping into the middle of the north and doing some Tongariro / Whanganui 🙂

Hope to see you out there this coming season!! Have fun!!

Northland: (Complete)

Auckland: (Complete)

Waikato: (Partially Completed)

Wanganui / Manawatu: (Partially Completed)

Wellington:(Partially Completed)

Nelson / Marlborough:(Partially Completed)

Canterbury:(Partially Completed)

Otago:(Partially Completed)

Southland: (Yet to start)

—- Currently Work in Progress – See archives for further info —-



Day 4; Zero Day @ Waitiki Landing Campsite

Chilled out, rested, drank beer, sorted gear and de-sanded. Had a yummy cooked breakfast at the restaurant & a delicious burger there for dinner 🙂

Made the mistake of opening our cabin door breifly at dusk to the mob of awaiting hungry mosquitos last night. Consequently now covered in mosquito bites :/

Neil doing something or another.
View out over Waitiki Landing campsite from our cabin.
This is the original light house from North Cape. Now kept at Waitiki Landing.