Hut Bagging NZ

Many of us love getting outdoors to visit our huts, and lots love to go out and visit as many as they can (hut bagging). This is fantastic, we have the most amazing and diverse hut system here in New Zealand. We are spoilt rotton.

Having fallen in love with our New Zealand huts at first sight back in 2012, I have been out and about soaking up our backyard at every chance I get. Everywhere I go on my adventures in New Zealand’s backcountry I am often told how nice it is to see Kiwi’s out and about enjoying the amazing tracks and hut system that we have. While many Kiwis are in fact out there enjoying our backyard it’d be great to see even more, often I’m the only kiwi at a hut.

That said, to encourage people from all over the world to notice all our off the beaten track huts that are often not seen by our overseas visitors would be fantastic too.

Along the way it has come to my attention that our huts need protecting. DOC is consistently underfunded for the scope of its work and many of our huts are on a minimal maintenance list. This means when they fall into disrepair they will not be repaired or replaced and will be removed.

This breaks my heart.

Our huts are so diverse in their character and range in size and appearance and it is these characteristics that make them so lovable. I read comments in hut books all the time about how when old huts are removed for new ones that its sad to see a old hut of character removed for the new ones or sad to see one simply go. I feel the same. I love our new huts too but they are different from the older ones as they begin to start to all look similar.

I’m embarking on an epic endeavor to visit as many huts as possible – hopefully almost all of them (shoot for the moon and then if you miss at least you’ll fall amoungst the stars).

I hope by visiting all our huts and writing about their story I can inspire more of us to get out there to enjoy them. Todays world and its challenges melt away in these places and we could all do with the nourishment they provide our body and souls.

I also hope to set up some links to people involved in saving our huts. There are people and clubs out there just like me  who cant bear to lose them and often they are volunteering time, effort and funds to help save our huts. I’d like my little (ok big) endeavor to help raise the profile of our huts in need and perhaps raise funds to help these people save our huts.

If you are interested, I keep another blog that details my journey.

Check it out …

Can’t wait to share our ‘gems’ with you and hope you fall in love too!! ❤ ❤

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